The Resume Handbook: Warehouse Worker Resume Samples with Action Verbs and Keywords Below is the complete list of powerful action verbs & keywords to assist you in describing your competencies, working experiences, skill set and achievements in your Warehouse Worker resume & professional profile.

The Resume Handbook: Action Verbs & Keywords for Warehouse Worker Resume #resume #resumewriting
  1. Work at a fast pace.
  2. Shipping and recieveing.
  3. Load and unload trailer.
  4. Receives, stores, and distributes material, tools and product within establishments.
  5. Work hard to get the job accomplished.
  6. Load and unload materials.
  7. Check inventory in and out of warehouse.
  8. Keep area clean and finish assignments in a timely manner.
  9. Understand how to maintain and slots and inventory in the computerized inventory system.
  10. Select customer orders from shelves, place onto pallet, and load onto trailer.
  11. Operate various pieces of warehouse equipment.
  12. Empty recycling and trash bins.
  13. Maintain computerized inventory control records over every product movement.
  14. Utilize an industrial forklift.
  15. Utilize an on-board computer and wireless radio frequency system.
  16. Perform the cleaning and maintenance duties directed by the supervisor.
  17. Cooperate with supervisors and peers.
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